[13.02 - 26.02]

Johanna Mudist

Telliskivi street is 1240 (m) long. The biggest house number is 62. The showcase galley is going to be set up on the fence of Telliskivi 30 - so quite in the middle of the street. Currently Telliskivi street is considered as “street of culture”. Once Pelgulinn had the reputation of the “bad area”. Because of Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Creative City) this street is now nominated for the creative center of Tallinn. Nowadays a lot of different people are walking on this street, there are a lot of new habitants. Inside of the showcase there is a drawing exhibition “Telliskivi fauna”. Fauna is the animal life of any particular region or time. The drawings depict a variety of people and animals in the street of Telliskivi during December to January. Those drawings are really little, made on the paper, they look gentle as butterflies. The showcase box imitates the traditional way of exhibiting insect collections (butterflies for example). The drawings are installed similarly to butterflies, attached with little pins. Those people, situations and moments that I represent are like butterflies who fly by. After a moment is passed, it is dead. And I can collect it, pin it statically into the showcase.

Johanna Mudist (1991) is currently studying painting (MA) in the Estonian Academy of Arts. She is knows as a painter. Her works are usually figurative and deal with human existentsial topics starting from everyday struggles. She has been working with “little drawings” since summer 2016.