Showcase is a contemporary art initiative, with a focus on extending the reach of young contemporary art to spaces it usually doesn’t reach. In the form of a one-square-meter exhibition space encapsulated in a box, it affords the possibility of art as location-specific and/or detached. The current Showcase in Tallinn is a branching off from a sequence of projects beginning originally in Prague, founded in 1998 by the PAS* group (Josef Bolf, Jan Mancuska, Jan Serych and Tomas Vanek), which spread through various European cities: Brno, Stuttgart, Grenoble etc.

The current Showcase gallery is the second iteration of Showcase in Tallinn, taking over from the previous runners’ Rundum Showcase. The current iteration of Showcase focuses on art dealing with the relation between individuality, space, personality and location, and the commercialization of contemporary art. This season of Showcase is also more itinerant than ever before, with several of the participating artists making the showcase mobile.

*PAS – Production of Contemporary Activities